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Bathroom curtain rod 80x80cm-White

Aluminum tube for bathroom curtain, corner, in white color. Consists of 2 pieces of 80cm pipes 1 corner 2 extreme

Bathroom curtain rod corner inox 80x80cm

Inox corner shower curtain rod Dimensions: 80cm x 80cm Material: Aluminum Color: Inox Type: Corner

Curve tub shower curtain 80x80x80cm

Curved bath tubes, ideal for showers. Mounting screws are included. Available in white.

Folding bath curtain rod 90-160cm – White

Bathroom curtain tube dimension 90-160cm in white color. Dimensions: 90 – 160cm Material: Aluminum Color: White

Folding bath curtain rod inox 120-220cm

Folding bath curtain rod inox dimension of 120-220cm.

Folding bath curtain rod inox 140-260cm

Folding bath curtain rod dimensions of 140-260cm.

Folding shower curtain rod Mini 70-120cm – White

Bathroom curtain tube dimension 70-120cm in white color. Dimensions: 70-120cm Material: Aluminum Color: White

Inox shower head with hose set 1,50m

Bathroom and spiral telephone set, with stainless steel appearance, with support base. Support screws are also included for the phone.

Set shower head and hose with arm

  • With 5 functions
  • It disperses water very well 
  •  It is compatible with any bathroom faucet, old and new
  • Includes 1.5 meters of stainless steel cable and flanges to prevent leakage
  • Support shower arm 60 cm with tube diameter 13 mm

Set telephone head with hose “Helios”

Stainless steel bathroom telephone set with spiral 1.50m and 5 different throwing options. Five flow options: Massage, bubbles, loud etc

Shower hose “Cobra” 1.50m

1.50m stainless steel spiral at very good value for money In a new blister pack.

Shower hose PVC 1,50m

PVC spiral 1.50m in very good value for money. In a new blister pack.