Payment Methods

A) By cash on delivery

For those who prefer this way, the products come through a courier company and the price is paid at the time of receipt. The cash on delivery method is valid for all of Greece. The cost of cash on delivery is 2 €.

Cash on delivery is not possible for furniture, for products that are sold in the desired dimension, such as carpets, hallways, curtain rods, mattresses, metal beds.

B) Payment by card

C) Deposit in a bank account You can pay for your order by bank deposit or web banking.

* Please do not forget to fill in your name and order number in the reason for payment.

Cooperating banks:

Beneficiary: Tziolas Georgios of Dimitriou

Piraeus: IBAN: GR5001722810005281083102648

Eurobank: IBAN: GR6402607330000880201056461

National: IBAN: GR6301108470000084740007145

Note: In case of a deposit from another bank account, the transaction costs are borne entirely by the depositor. After the deposit, please contact our company by sending an email to announce your deposit at or by phone at 23520 84675.


Just fill in the appropriate field during the ordering process and enter your tax details.